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Skin Cancer Specialist

Neal Bhatia, MD -  - Dermatologist

Neal Bhatia, MD

Dermatologist located in Kearny Mesa, San Diego, CA

Dr. Bhatia believes that it is very important for early detection of skin cancer to optimize treatment that it can be treated earlier and decrease the opportunity for it to spread. He is skilled in identifying the precancerous and cancerous lesions. He can customize treatment plans for each individual based on the stage of the mole/lesion and hope to get San Diego, CA, patients the best results based on their unique needs.

Skin Cancer & Moles Q & A

What are the signs of melanoma?

The most common early signs (what you see) of melanoma are: 

  • Growing mole on your skin.
  • Unusual looking mole on your skin or a mole that does not look like any other mole on your skin.
  • Non-uniform mole (has an odd shape, uneven or uncertain border, different colors).

How can Dr. Bhatia determine if a mole is cancerous?

The following ABCDEs are important signs of moles that could be skin cancer. If a mole displays any of the signs listed below, have it checked immediately. Dr. Bhatia will then examine the mole and take a skin biopsy (if appropriate) to determine if it is cancerous.

  • Asymmetry: One half of the mole does not match the other half
  • Border: The border or edges of the mole are ragged, blurred, or irregular
  • Color: The mole has different colors or it has shades of tan, brown, black, blue, white, or red
  • Diameter: The diameter of the mole is larger than the eraser of a pencil
  • Evolving: The mole appears different from others and/or changing in size, color, shape

How is skin cancer treated?

There are many treatments for skin cancer such as surgical treatment (excisions and mohs surgery), immunotherapy, cryosurgery, chemotherapy applied to the skin, photodynamic therapy and radiation therapy.

What methods does Dr. Bhatia use to remove a mole?

Moles can be removed in different ways depending on the location, size, patient preference and other characteristics. Such way include: excision, laser removal, electro-cauterization, and cryotherapy.

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